Hey CEOs – Be Careful About Diversity Hiring Quotas!
July 29, 2020
I’ve been following the public updates of major corporations on their diversity and inclusion activities.
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DOL Issues Five New Opinion Letters
June 26, 2020
On June 25, 2020, the US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) issued five new opinion letters.
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Seventh Circuit Says Employers Can Be Sued in Federal Court for BIPA Violations
May 19, 2020
In what some are calling a “bombshell” decision, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held in Bryant v. Compass Group USA, Inc. that federal courts can now hear cases involving alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act  even where there is no allegation of actual harm to the plaintiff beyond a technical violation of the law.
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DOL Issues 3 New Opinion Letters Regarding Excludability of Payments from the Regular Rate
April 9, 2020
On March 26, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued three new Opinion Letters, FLSA2020-3, FLSA2020-4, and FLSA2020-5 which all address various payments that may be excluded from the regular rate.
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DOL Contradicts Itself on Use of Employer-Provided Leave
April 8, 2020
The problem with DOL’s revised Q&A is that it contradicts DOL’s Temporary Rules – which DOL issued at the same time.
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On Your Radar: Key employment issues across Europe and beyond
March 30, 2020
Our On your radar newsletter will give you a digest of news and legislative updates from the HR world.
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California Supreme Court Rules That Employees Who Have Settled Their Individual Wage And Hour Claims May Still Pursue Representative PAGA Claims As “Aggrieved Employees.”
March 26, 2020
In an issue of first impression, and an important loss for employers, the California Supreme Court recently decided that employees still can pursue claims under the California Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 ("PAGA") even if they settle and dismiss their individual claims for California Labor Code violations.
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Minnesota: Potpourri of Wage & Hour News
February 25, 2020
In the past week there was nothing really Earth-shattering as far as wage and hour updates, but certainly some updates to note.
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Wage and Hour Update
February 24, 2020
Employers should remain diligent to ensure they are complying with the various wage hour statutes.
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Illinois: A Not So Sweet Deal for Employers Seeking to Protect Trade Secrets Under the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
February 12, 2020
An Illinois appellate court recently clarified the outer limits of the controversial “inevitable disclosure doctrine” under the Illinois Trade Secrets Act.
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U.S. DOL Clarifies Joint Employer Standard
February 7, 2020
The United States Department of Labor’s New Year’s gift to employers is its final joint employer rule, which becomes effective on March 16, 2020.
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Minnesota: W-4MN Compliance Reminder
February 5, 2020
The recent changes to state and federal tax law require Minnesota employers to complete both a federal Form W-4 and a Minnesota Form W-4MN for new employees joining your workforce in 2020.
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