CMS Employment Practice Group Guides to Dismissals - Europe, Asia & Latin America

By Christopher Jordan - CMS

February 11, 2019

CMS is happy to share with you the 2019 edition of the CMS Guides to Dismissals.

The CMS Guides to Dismissals are intended to help employers anticipate the possible courses of events when they decide to terminate an employment contract or dismiss a managing director. The better prepared and informed the company is, the easier the process is to handle for everyone involved. Dismissals are not just actions through which an employment relationship with a company ends, they can also be a part of a larger restructuring process, sometimes including several countries.

Our Guides provide an easy to use overview of termination procedures for employees/managers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. The first part of the Guides deals with termination procedures for employees and the second part for managing directors.
The Guides are intended to provide CMS’s international clients with a summary of local laws across 33 countries, making it easier to understand both the similarities and differences between jurisdictions.

The guides are below:

Europe Guide to Dismissals
China, Singapore and UAB Guide to Dismissals

Latin America Guide to Dismissals

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