CMS Guides to Dismissals Across Europe, Asia and Latin America

By Dr. Christopher Jordan - CMS

February 23, 2018

CMS Employment Group is pleased to share with you the new edition of the Guides to Dismissals.

In a world of globalization, there are still considerable differences in the labor laws of individual countries, caused by their different economic, historical and political contexts. Businesses and, in particular multinational companies, are often challenged by the maze of employment laws and rules when implementing business decisions. In the case of time-sensitive and complex employment issues, it is of paramount importance to have a readily available set of guidelines. 

Our CMS Guides to Dismissals provide an easy to use overview of termination procedures for employees and managing directors across Europe, Asia and Latin America. The first part of the Guides deals with termination procedures for employees and the second part for managing directors. The Guides are intended to provide CMS’s international clients with a summary of local laws across 33 countries, making it easier to understand both the similarities and differences between jurisdictions.

To view the guides, please click here.

If these Guides encourage you to seek more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Dr. Christopher Jordan
Attorney-at-Law | Partner
Co-Head CMS Employment Group

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