CMS On Your Radar - Key employment law developments and expected trends across Europe and beyond for 2024


February 1, 2024

We are delighted to share with you our latest edition of On Your Radar, where we identify employment law developments and expected trends for 2024.
Different labour markets and political regimes create a rich variety of legal changes, involving perennial workplace issues alongside innovation. Portugal and Hong Kong both mention workplace AI, an issue which is fast becoming a global theme. The use of technology and the growth in digital workplace systems continues. Bulgaria explain their new rules on electronic employment records, while Croatia discusses new provisions regulating digital work platforms.
While consistency can be appealing, international employers should pay close attention to the variations in family friendly leave entitlements and procedures in different countries. In this edition we look at new paternity leave rules in each of Singapore and Monaco, with Spain and North Macedonia highlighting changes to their parental leave regimes. Another area where we understandably see significant local differences is national minimum wage rates, and numerous countries share their 2024 figures.
Finally, the Netherlands team address the growth in ESG in the workplace, which is a general trend we see across most locations. This encourages – amongst other things – transparent reporting, employee well-being, and diversity within organisations.

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