CMS Expert International Guide to Remote Working


May 14, 2024

We are pleased to announce the May 2024 update of our CMS Expert Guide to Remote Working. The CMS Expat Desk has meticulously updated this guide to address new questions and scenarios that have become relevant due to changes in work practices globally. These updates include the latest legislative developments and practical guidance on implementing remote work across 26 jurisdictions. Additionally, we address five more questions related to the complex matter of remote work from abroad, commonly referred to as ‘workation’ in most jurisdictions:
•    What is meant by remote work abroad and do national regulations exist in this regard?
•    Which employment law provisions are applicable during remote work abroad?
•    Do employees remain in the previous social security system during remote work abroad?
•    What applies in terms of tax law to short-term remote work abroad, especially after or before a holiday?      
•    What needs to be considered in terms of residence law?

This guide is indispensable for managers and executives with regional or international HR responsibilities. It offers a comparative look at up to three countries at once, allowing you to easily understand and apply the relevant rules in different jurisdictions. The latest version now includes new entries for Mozambique and Hong Kong, expanding its global reach.

Access the Guide here

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