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    Labor Relations Institute is a trusted leader in labor and positive employee relations consulting, particularly in crisis situations.

    LRI literally wrote the book on countering union organizing campaigns (Total Victory), with more than 40 years and 10,000 successful campaigns to their credit. While LRI's consultants are super-talents in countering organizing, their unique focus is helping clients develop leaders and create positive places to work that avoid organizing campaigns in the first place. LRI's recent publications, Left of Boom and The Approachability Playbook, have become the new roadmaps for positive employee relations.

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May 31

(Not Terribly Useful) Guidance from the DOL on the FMLA and Holidays

May 30

EEOC Updates COVID-Related Guidance For Employers As The Feds Declare An End To The Public Health Emergency

May 26

The EEOC Targets the Use of AI in Employment Decisions