Question of the Month


In your area, what current local initiatives are impacting labor & employment law? >
October 2017

What is the status of medical marijuana and the workplace in your area? >
September 2017

Must an employer in your area provide benefits for an employee's domestic partner - whether same sex or opposite sex? >
July 2017

Does your area have a minimum wage that differs from the present, federal minimum wage? >
June 2017

In your area, how are transgender people covered by existing sex discrimination laws? >
May 2017

Does your area regulate the use of an individual's genetic information for employment purposes? >
April 2017

Has your area enacted a “ban the box” law on hiring applications? >
March 2017

Does your state/province allow employers to force employees and applicants to turn over access to their social media accounts? >
February 2017

Effective 2016/17 what are some of your area's new labor and employment laws? >
January 2017

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Sep 21

#DOJ Argues Against Itself in Conflict over Arbitration Agreements and Class Action Waivers.

Sep 20

New #SHRM Federal Court Report: Use of Racial Slurs Not Enough to Lose NLRA Protection.

Sep 12

DOL Salary Threshold Increase Appears Dead – For Now.