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March 23, 2017Termination Due to Lack of Desired Skills Not Age Bias
March 15, 2017Post-Surgery Harassment Entitles Saleswoman to Trial
March 09, 2017Abandoning Hearing Dooms Employer’s Objections to Union Election
March 08, 2017Employee’s Wage and Hour Violations Justified Discharge
March 02, 2017Ontario: Dismissed Employees Must Prove Basis for Damages
March 01, 20179th Circuit Rules Again that Car Dealership Service Advisors Are Not Exempt
March 01, 2017Title VII Gender Identity Claim Goes Forward
February 08, 2017Employee but Not His Affected Spouse Entitled to FLSA Damages
February 02, 2017Alberta Court Affirms Employers’ Right to Terminate Without Cause
February 01, 2017Company Sued for Failure to Fully Inform Domestic Partners About Benefits
January 25, 2017Double Damages Under FLSA and State Law Denied
January 18, 2017$275,000 Awarded for Harassment Despite Employer’s Investigation
January 11, 2017FMLA Interference Claim Shot Down
December 28, 2016Purchase of Former Employee’s Stock Did Not Violate ERISA
December 28, 2016Discrimination Claim Against Washington Post May Proceed

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