New York State Sexual Harassment Training Deadline is October 9th
August 12, 2019
As a reminder, all employees who work in New York State must receive sexual harassment training by October 9, 2019.
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New York State Strengthens Equal Pay, Sexual Harassment Laws
June 28, 2019
New legislation expected to be signed by Governor Cuomo in the coming days will expand on current pay equality and anti-harassment laws.
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Oregon Workplace Fairness Act Sails Through to Law
June 21, 2019
As the Oregon Legislature has been publicly forced to respond to allegations of workplace sexual harassment occurring in its own halls, Senate Bill 726, also known as the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act, passed through both chambers without much resistance.
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Illinois: Hotel & Casino Employee Safety Act Protects Employees from Sexual Harassment & Assault
June 14, 2019
In this alert, we focus on another new law created by SB75, the Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act. This new law, once it takes effect, will require hotel and casino employers to (1) provide “panic button” devices to certain employees; and (2) implement a sexual harassment policy including certain provisions detailed in the law.
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Microsoft Makes Broad Changes To Workplace Investigations
April 30, 2019
Microsoft’s action plan to address workplace investigations into complaints of harassment and discrimination was announced on April 15 after reports of employee concerns surfaced in the public.
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Forcing Employee to Quit Second Job Is Not a Tangible Job Action?
March 27, 2019
Every now and then, even my management-side soul can be a little surprised by a judge’s pro-employer ruling. This was the situation in the recent case of Dawson v. Housing Authority of Baltimore City.
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